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XMS Your contact Center Today!

Xtelesis webinar registration
When: Friday August 18th 

Time: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. (PT)


Learn how the new XMS ECC Text Connector can benefit your ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center.

This webinar will present how the new XMS ECC Text Connector:

Allows your call center agents to communicate via text to avoid missed calls
Allows your…

Ransomware latest virus how to get rid of it

7 Business Dynamics Ideal of Cloud Communications

Certain business dynamics are custom-made for cloud communications solutions. If you want to spend less time managing infrastructure and more time delivering an impeccable customer experience that will propel sales and help differentiate your business, it’s time to consider the cloud. Step back and take a fresh look at…

Tips & Tricks to Modernize Your Contact Center

Are you looking to revamp your contact center and deliver better customer experiences? An end-to-end contact center suite offers you the opportunity to do just that. Take a look at some of the ways modern contact center solutions can help improve efficiency and productivity in your contact center:

Embrace multiple…

What Your ShoreTel Phone System Isn’t Telling You…

Throughout my long career selling and supporting Shoretel phone and UC solutions, I have been surprised how few customers have asked about the reporting capabilities. After all, for most businesses, the phone system is the most frequently used tool they use to attract and retain business.

Maybe it’s an awareness…

What Does Traffic Have To Do With Business Technology?

Did you know that the average commuter spends 34 hours a year stuck in traffic? Now, if you live in the Bay Area today, you may want to multiply that number by 12. Growing up in the Bay Area I used to think traffic in LA was horrible, but…

XteleSIP: A Real-World Cost Analysis

I have recently been working with a company here in Utah.  The company is a billing service provider to utility companies.  They have approximately 1,100 employees with a 35 agent call center.  The company spends about $25,500 per month with Century Link for 2 local PRI and 4 long…

The Case For SIP Trunks

The number one attraction to SIP trunks is cheaper dial tone. And cheaper long distance rates – some are bundled with unlimited LD packages!

When SIP trunks were first introduced, they had a bad rep because they had big problems with standards. Every SIP provider had significantly different codes which made the integration…

Technology (With a Little Help From Star Trek)

If you manage a network, or any part of your company’s technology, chances are you wish you could pull some solutions out of the utopia that is Star Fleet.  When a call comes into the help desk, you wish you could ask the ships computer to run a full…

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