Xtelesis l Leadership
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Our Leadership

Scott Strochak

President & CEO

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While at AT&T in the mid-1990s, Scott Strochak noticed something missing from the busy telecom and networking marketplace... What was needed, he realized, was a company committed to delivering full-service communications integration for the mid-market enterprise. Ever since, he's devoted his considerable energies to serving that overlooked audience.

In 1997, Scott left his position at AT&T to launch Xtel Networks — the precursor to Xtelesis Corporation, where Scott now serves as president and CEO.

Scott holds a BS in Business Administration from Bucknell University and an MBA from the University of San Francisco. When not talking networks, he's an avid sports fan and an enthusiastic athlete. Scott and his wife are parents to Arman and Sheba, a German Shepherd who enjoys tennis almost as much as he does.


John Durkin

CFO & General Counsel

John Durkin brings a wealth of experience to Xtelesis in his roles as CFO and General Counsel. John’s career took him to Wall Street as an investment banker, to Ohio as a CPA and financial consultant, and finally to California as an attorney. At Xtelesis, John is responsible for our legal and money matters, serving the needs of our customers, partners, and employees.

John came to Xtelesis in early 2000 after stints as CFO of Comair Airlines and CEO of IVAX Industries. He received his BA in Accounting in 1967 from Michigan State University and his JD in 1999 from the University of San Francisco.


describe the imageRichard Foster

Vice President, Sales

Richard Foster brings extensive sales and executive management experience to the Xtelesis team, including more than 25 years in the technology industry. Dick began his career in Pennsylvania with IBM. Over the years, he successfully managed numerous technology sales organizations and held sales and executive management positions for several data value added resellers.

In 2001, Foster ventured into the voice and data business, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for, at Daycom Systems, an Avaya, Cisco and Siemens reseller. Prior to joining the Xtelesis team, he was Vice President of Sales at Standardtel Networks, a Mitel and Avaya reseller.

Dick graduated from Pennsylvania State University with graduate courses at St Joseph’s University. In his spare time, you can find him on the tennis courts or entertaining his grandchildren with his wife Betsy.


describe the imageChristoph Pluchar

Chief Technonogy Officer

Christoph Pluchar joined Xtelesis in 2007 with 10 years of related experience in the networking and IP telephony industries. Most recently, Christoph spent 6 years working at ShoreTel Headquarters occupying roles in Support and Professional Services. There, Christoph was responsible for on-site customer assistance with their installations. Prior to joining the ShoreTel team, Christoph worked at Lockheed Martin where he connected all US sites with voice, video, and data services; and at GRIC, where he managed the Lucent VoIP network for the resell of voice minutes. Christoph holds a BS in Computer Science from Cal State, Los Angeles.