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Collaborate better, save travel time and increase engagement with HD video conferencing.  In addition to crystal clear sound and stunning visual quality, these solutions let you hold meetings anywhere in the world and record, stream and publish your own video.  Experience the difference in efficiency and productivity of your meetings with renowned video conferencing solutions.  Our high definition video conferencing solutions will make you rethink working remotely.


Lifesize connects your organization with award-winning conferencing technology that covers web, audio and video conferencing. Through a unique integration of plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones and easy-to-use cloud-based conferencing software, we deliver a meeting experience like no other.

• Search-based directory for instant calling. No dial strings or passwords required.
• Schedule calls with Google Calendar™ and Microsoft® Outlook® integrations.
• Record and share your video calls with Lifesize Cloud Amplify.
• 24×7 support. We’re available when you need us.
• Secure encryption for your top-secret meetings.
• Always up to date with automatic updates.


QUALITY EXPERIENCE | 1080p – Named Directory – Any Device

Distance is irrelevant with audio and video quality this good. You actually feel like you’re in the same room, connecting face to face and having real conversations. The experience is the same across all your devices. We provide apps for your PC and Mac® computers, Android™ and iOS phones and tablets and even a web app for Chromebooks™and organizations that don’t allow downloaded applications.

EASE OF USE | Automatic Updates – Touchscreen Phone – Simple UI

Meetings with Lifesize Cloud are as easy as “point, click, talk.” Our meeting room cameras and phones are plug and play, requiring minimal effort and zero technical skill to set up and start making calls. The software updates automatically, so you’re always working with the latest features. Lifesize also supports any-to-any connectivity irrespective of devices, including video systems, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

SECURE & RELIABLE | SoftLayer – AES Encryption – 24/7 Support

We built Lifesize Cloud to provide customers with a secure experience from the meeting room to the home office and on the go. Our solution is powered by SoftLayer®, an IBM® company, which means that your conversations are always safe and secure and your service is always up and running. The service is redundant and fault tolerant, and our support is available 24/7/365 to help ensure that your experience exceeds expectations.

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 We have a free service. Why would I pay for video conferencing?

Free services are limited in features, are unreliable and don’t offer support if you need help. These are often your top-secret conversations we’re talking about—make sure you have a secure service built for the needs of a business.

We don’t have the budget. How could I pay for another service?

Do you have an audio conferencing vendor? Do you have a web conferencing vendor? How much do those two vendors cost your organization annually? With Lifesize Cloud, we offer web and audio conferencing, plus much more (video, chat, content sharing, recording) on every device (video conferencing systems, laptops, mobile devices) that will provide a more robust collaboration experience for less than what you’re spending right now on just audio and web conferencing.


Video conferencing is too difficult. How am I supposed to manage it?

Lifesize video conferencing is as easy as point, click, and talk. You will experience simple solutions for one-touch video calls that connect your people and conference rooms around the world. When pairing Lifesize Cloud to our plug-and-play endpoints, you will experience everything from the easy-to-use interface to screen sharing, calendar integration, chat and audio-calling options.

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