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10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business Communications


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Do you have an older phone system that is holding you back? Is your PBX getting expensive to maintain or won’t allow you to incorporate the latest technologies? Can you improve your business prospects by unleashing your employees to work flexibly from anywhere? Could your team benefit from the latest Web and video technologies to collaborate with remotely located colleagues, partners or customers? Is your network backbone lacking the performance or security you need to effectively communicate?

Upgrading your business communications is not as complicated or expensive as you may think. In fact, deploying the latest IP solutions can actually save you a lot of money in the long run by enabling simpler, smarter and more affordable communications. There have been countless studies that show the savings that result from an IP infrastructure compared to traditional networking and PBX systems. IP solutions make it easy to consolidate and manage multiple locations, incorporate remote and mobile workers, add new users, use advanced features and reduce monthly long distance charges, to name just a few of the benefits.

Consider the following 10 reasons why upgrading your business communications with IP solutions will take your business to the next level. Xtelesis can help you migrate to new technologies. As an IP communications integrator, Xtelesis specializes in a broad range of solutions to meet any business requirement, including data networking, IP telephony, video conferencing and mobility.

     1. Improve customer service

     2. Increase employee productivity

     3. Speed internal communications

More and more professionals are on the go and working away from their office. With a mobile phone in hand, your staff members will never miss an important call and can collaborate with colleagues and customers quickly and efficiently, from anywhere. Xtelesis supports a selection of Mobility solutions for in-building mobility, road warriors and telecommuters, including the ShoreTel Mobility mobile device integration solution that ties the office extension to popular consumer mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

     4. Incorporate remote workers

     5. Simplify team collaboration

With broadband IP communications and the public Internet, high quality HD Video Conferencing is more manageable and more affordable than ever. Your employees can share presentations, utilize an interactive whiteboard or video conference with remotely located team members easily in an affordable way, without the expense of physically traveling to meetings. Conferencing and Collaboration products from Xtelesis partners, LifeSize and Vidyo, deliver face-to-face communication across the miles.

     6. Accommodate corporate growth

     7. Ease management

Today’s IP Phone Systems offer incredible scalability for future growth and a failure-proof architecture that is easily managed as a single IP network with feature transparency among all locations. Xtelesis can help you install a ShoreTel IP Phone System that will streamline your operation and continue to deliver new technologies that will improve your business down the road.

     8. Enhance network performance

     9. Simplify IT

IP networking ensures high quality communications and can add Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality and better security to your current Local Area Network (LAN) and simplify the connection of your offices in different states or different countries via a Wide Area Network (WAN).  Xtelesis partners with top manufacturers including Cisco, HP ProCurve, Juniper, Enterasys and Aerohive to offer a wide range of Data Networking solutions that will optimize a LAN and/or WAN for your business. Xtelesis also offers Managed IT Services to handle your IT requirements for you, removing the burden of computer maintenance and repair and data network monitoring and management.

     10. Reduce expenses

Finally, all of the above will help you reduce your overall expenses. ShoreTel Mobility is just one example. This technology can reduce your mobile phone bills by up to 70% by automatically routing mobile calls via the cheapest path inside and outside the organization. It is easier than ever to deploy IP solutions for simpler, smarter and more affordable communications. Contact us and upgrade today!

Teleworking for Business Success


go green telework image The object of every business is to create a competitive advantage over competition. That’s a tall order, how can Business achieve this success? Today’s Teleworking force is expanding daily and technology has developed more powerful tools for businesses to jump ahead.  Many industries have benefited by the Brilliant Simplicity of a ShoreTel system.

For example in the Finance sector, Union Bank of Kansas City, MO,  needed to maintain their reputation for excellent customer service and needed to replace their present phone system.  New features and tools to enhance their customer service was a priority. Although ease of management, business continuity, including backup and recovery in the event of a natural disaster were essential features. But a customer survey found that most customers’ priority was to have their calls answered by a live person instead of an auto-attendant robot or voice-mail. Then they came to ShoreTel.

A new Shoretel system including ShoreTel 120 and ShoreTel T1 Voice Switches, a voicemail server, and more than 200 ShoreTel 200 IP Phones were phased in across  11 bank  branches. Users were trained ahead of time, so going live was just a matter of flipping a switch. Easy-to-configure workgroup features mean that during business hours, customer calls are routed to a live person. Only when the bank is closed are calls routed to an auto attendent. Even then customers can dial individual extensions and leave messages to receive live responses when the bank opens.

“ShoreTel has improved the overall efficiency of communications within the bank. We have a much more efficient call center and productivity is enhanced tremendously.”
- Lisa Dawson, Executive Vice President, Union Bank.

In the Medical Arena Woodlands North Houston Heart Center (WNHHC), technology is a front-line ally in its campaign to prevent, diagnose, and cure heart disease. On the heels of a move to a new facility, WNHHC wanted to replace its traditional and outgrown phone system with an IP phone system with powerful unified communications tools built in. Any new communication infrastructure would have to keep pace with healthcare advances. WNHHC went looking for a single system that could span its main and branch facilities, accommodate increasing call volumes, streamline communications, and boost the efficiency and productivity of the professional and administrative staffs.

The migration began with PBX functions being entrusted to ShoreTel switches distributed across  two main facilities: at the new main clinic, and at the Woodlands branch location.  ShoreTel T1 switches provide PSTN access to the headquarters, and point-to-point T1 lines connected by Cisco routers link the two sites in a high-speed WAN. The ShoreTel system can support virtually any type of handset. This means that in addition to ShoreTel IP Phones, roving staff can use off-the-shelf analog cordless phones that won’t interfere with WNHHC's wireless data network. The single phone system across multiple locations can be managed remotely from ShoreTel Director’s browser-based interface.

“The ShoreTel solution, while being very easy to manage, provides advanced capabilities that make our staff more productive and allow us to improve the patient experience. Voice communication is a mission-critical application for us, and the ShoreTel system’s ability to deliver ‘five-nines’ of reliability made it stand out from the competition” - John Henderson, Administrator, WNHHC.

Clark Pest Control is the largest family-owned pest control firm in the United States. They deliver progressive solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout California and parts of Nevada. Since it was founded in 1950, Clark Pest Control has grown to more than 1,200 employees and 23 branch offices.

From technicians working in the field to agents handling inbound calls, the ability to efficiently collaborate across phones, desktops, and remote locations is essential to providing customers with top-notch service. Clark Pest Control based its ShoreTel Unified Communications Solution, including 786 ShoreTel IP phones, ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center, and ShoreTel Communicator with Personal Access, on top-quality technologies and services to ensure highly available and brilliantly simple communications. Thus lowering their telephone utility costs by 20 percent the first year.

“This solution is simplistic by design, buffering sophisticated technologies behind a very intuitive interface that allows us to handle administrative tasks in minutes rather than hours. Our end-user community has become more efficient since installation of the ShoreTel system, because tools are integrated and contacts are just a click away.”
 - Mike Butchko, Director of Information Technology, Clark Pest Control.


To recieve more info about ShoreTel and its array of services, please contact us or request a demo today! Xtelesis helps businesses of all sizes move forward  with our popular business solutions.

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