full service business technology for business

What’s the secret to flawless IT?

A full-service IT provider that’ll knock your socks off.



Cyber attacks are causing major disruptions to business operations.

See what you can do to protect your organization.


ip communications for business

Maybe IP communications
don’t get you excited.

Maybe the increased efficiency and spare time will.


phone system solutions for growing organizations

Don’t you just wish IT worked the way
it’s supposed to work?

We’re talking about better customer service, increased efficiency,
better analytics and plain old cost savings.


data security and privacy for business

New IT solutions with a new approach.

Some may say it, but we really
are different. Curious?


Meet a Full-Service IT Provider That’ll Transform Your Business
With the Newest, Proven Solutions.

Since 1997, we’ve existed to expand opportunities for midsize enterprises.

We understand the underlying infrastructure on which video, storage and managed services operate and we’re dedicated to simplifying the communications platforms and IT performance of your business to help you compete more efficiently.



We are a full-service IT provider with solutions across four major practice areas: Voice, Video, Data and Carrier.


Before We Recommend It, We Rely On It

Almost everything we sell is used in production, so you can be confident that when you work with us, you’ll see satisfying results. We apply all our energy, talent and experience to bringing you breakthrough technology before your competition has it.


We Model, You Implement
eXtreme Collaboration

We practice next level collaboration by delivering integrated voice, video, data and carrier services solutions with analytical tools to help you monitor, adjust and improve your remote communication and mobility efforts.

Our secure services, smart solutions and analytical insight help you make better decisions that will dramatically increase your productivity.

Wherever you want to work, Xtelesis is there.


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