We ensure greater flexibility and functionality in the way you communicate.

Xtelesis is an IP Communications Integrator that offers cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking to integrate voice, video, and wired & wireless data networks. We differentiate ourselves by finding the next great thing in technology. 

Since the network provides the building blocks for all voice and video products, we remain true to our roots and continue to provide high quality and reliable networking products from organizations such as Extreme Networks, HP, Cisco, Adtran, and others.


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Xtelesis is far more than networks alone - we leverage your network resources to their fullest by adding telecommunications video conferencing, data sharing and device independent mobility solutions.

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Connect Anyone, Anywhere... to Any Device. Using everyday devices and IP networks, experience the power of video conferencing at your fingertips.

Xtelesis offers a flexible, software-based infrastructure that gives people the freedom to connect over the Internet from wherever they are, and enjoy telepresence quality meetings using mobile, desktop or room endpoints, or traditional systems they may already own.


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